The first face-to-face meeting of the project Pragma-TIC partners has been held in Riga

23 September 2022

From September 19 to 20, the first meeting of the project Pragma-TIC partners has been held in University of Latvia, Riga. The project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union program Erasmus +, and its goal is to promote digital support for European hospital patients and their primary caregivers.

The project tasks envisage increasing the digital skills of health specialists and their patients, resulting in creation of a practically applicable e-learning platform prototype. In future, it would facilitate the work of medical workers as well as promote patients' independence and the ability to manage their healthcare remotely, if necessary. The said digital training prototype will be created through mutual cooperation between medical staff and patients.

The project is implemented by the Central Hospital of Liège (the leading partner of the project) and the information and communication technology company "Inforef" in Belgium, the University of Latvia Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine in Latvia, the University Medical Center Maribor in Slovenia, as well as Centre for Digital Psychiatry Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark.

During the meeting in Riga, the working group discussed the progress of the project implementation, the time schedule, research questions, mechanisms for attracting participants, the development of the communication plan, and the structure and usage of the project’s platform

Further on, Pragma-TIC working group meetings will take place once a month online, and the next meeting in person is planned to be held next year in Slovenia.

Photos: from personal archive. Meeting of the Pragma-TIC working group in Riga.